It’s often said that the true test of any insurance is when a claim needs to be made, however not every client makes a claims, so it is very important to us to hear the voice and opinions of our customers to we can continually look to improve our service.

Below you’ll find some nice words our wonderful clients have said about us.

Hayley, you are a credit to your company and yourself. Thank you for your relentless pursuit of what should have been a simple task on our part. Your endeavours are appreciated.


Toby Hart
Managing Director, United Environmental Services

I would rate the service overall as excellent. Colin’s wide experience of claims handling has helped us manage many situations before they have even matured as “circumstances”. Where claims have arisen, the practical advice from MFL has helped where legal agents have maybe taken a more restrictive view of the problem.



Tim Kirkwood
Chief Executive, CKD Galbraith

A good service for members.


Lisa Kerslake
Managing Director, Swift Ecology

I’ve very much appreciated your support during the development of Arvia and the way you have provided much greater support than a typical insurance broker, which has been extremely helpful during this early stage of development.


Martin Keighley
former CEO, Arvia Technology

This is my first experience with solicitors’ professional indemnity insurance and I was recommended to John Jones by a colleague. I could not have asked for more from John throughout the process, from start to finish, and I would recommend him without any hesitation. John knows his market very well.


Tim Slotover
Director, flexGC Limited

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