Welcome to CABE Insurance Services

CABE Insurance Services has been created to provide UK based CABE members with a suite of insurance products, including a Professional Indemnity Insurance scheme, as an exclusive membership benefit to CABE, Chartered and Fellow members, through a partnership between CABE and MFL Affinity.

As preferred insurance service providers to Chartered Association of Building Engineers (CABE) – we specialise in the analysis, management and insurance of risk for professional practices.

CABE Insurance Services offers a competitively priced Professional Indemnity scheme with policy cover specifically designed to protect CABE, Chartered and Fellow members against a wide range of professional liabilities that they may incur in the course of their business.  In addition to Professional Indemnity Insurance, we can also make available other commercial insurance products which offer essential protection to the professional practices concerned. CABE fully endorses the scheme. We are also able to consider offering Professional Indemnity Insurance to Associate members subject to experience and qualifications.

MFL Insurance Group Ltd

Our independence coupled with the personal involvement of the shareholding directors ensures you get outstanding services levels combined with a competitively priced exclusive Professional Indemnity insurance scheme, plus other insurances designed to cover your business.

Our products

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
    EXCLUSIVE: We have very carefully crafted our Professional Indemnity insurance policy for building engineers ensuring it provides the necessary cover required by CABE Chartered and Fellow members.
    Office Insurance
    We have Office Insurance facilities for both small & large businesses, including those professionals working from home, offering protection for business equipment such as computers, office furniture and documents.
    Motor Fleet Insurance
    If your business has 5 or more vehicles that are driven by different drivers, we can provide a specialist fleet policy which suits your needs, delivered in a single policy with one renewal date.
    Directors’ & Officers’ Liability Insurance
    Management Team protection against claims and blame being made in a personal capacity following allegations of a ‘wrongful act’ in the course of the management of your business.


  • Hayley, you are a credit to your company and yourself. Thank you for your relentless pursuit of what should have been a simple task on our part. Your endeavours are appreciated.


    Toby Hart
    Managing Director, United Environmental Services
  • I would rate the service overall as excellent. Colin’s wide experience of claims handling has helped us manage many situations before they have even matured as “circumstances”. Where claims have arisen, the practical advice from MFL has helped where legal agents have maybe taken a more restrictive view of the problem.



    Tim Kirkwood
    Chief Executive, CKD Galbraith
  • A good service for members.


    Lisa Kerslake
    Managing Director, Swift Ecology
  • I’ve very much appreciated your support during the development of Arvia and the way you have provided much greater support than a typical insurance broker, which has been extremely helpful during this early stage of development.


    Martin Keighley
    former CEO, Arvia Technology
  • This is my first experience with solicitors’ professional indemnity insurance and I was recommended to John Jones by a colleague. I could not have asked for more from John throughout the process, from start to finish, and I would recommend him without any hesitation. John knows his market very well.


    Tim Slotover
    Director, flexGC Limited

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